Feed me

I love your grip
firmly around my throat
as you tease my lips
your tongue
filling my mouth
silent and starving
you fill my lungs
my aphrodisiac
tie me up
with raw satin ties
in your dreams
I can be yours
open my flesh
and fill me
like the midnight hour
let me drench you
in love
in lust
fill me
fuck me
feed me
leave me wet
and trembling

18 thoughts on “Feed me

      1. Yeah, I’m good. How are you? I’m just focused on a photography challenge on Pexels which has the title – Freedom of Expression. Do you have any idea for an image to reflect the title?

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      2. I’m good too! Wow, that’s such a deep and vast subject. It can be so many things if I’m honest. One image that comes to my mind, as a lover of words. Is a silhouette of a woman, head towards the sky, with words floating from her mouth up into the universe. That was MY FIRST image. Wow, deep subject for sure.

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      3. That’s a great idea, but those words must be physical around her. Manipulation is not allowed, but I think I still can try this out, even though I don’t have a girl. I may cut the pose out of paper or cardboard and put it in the sky at sunset, it’ll resemble a silhouette… maybe it can work….. 😁. But I’m limited to so few resources that I have to be smart and clever with the shot! The other idea is putting paper birds in a glass jar and taking wide clean sky as the background. One of the words will be shown out of the jar and kind of flying in the air. Does that sound good?

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      4. Thank you so much! I really hope my image will be featured. 😁 Last time I participated in Windows and Doors challenge, and my image was featured on Pexels! ☺. It was a success for me…

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