the gentle touch of you
sends a fire
through my veins
the way your fingers
trace my soft lines
one by one
until I lose my breath
the heat resting
upon my flesh
my hips feel like
they may burst
from my skin
at any moment
as my body
takes you completely 
swallowing you whole
and feeling you move
so slowly
so tenderly
inside the depths of me
until I am completely full
and I come untied


come to me, my love
in the early morning hours
and let the contours of my curves
welcome every stroke of your fingertips
riding the highs of your lips
upon my own
the soft sway of my hips
in a slow rhythm with yours
feeling the hum of currents crawling up my spine
as the waves of pleasure take my breath away
I close my eyes and completely let go
feeling you so engraved
in the deepest part of me
and I hold you there so gently
rocking back and forth
until I am full of all of you

The space between my lines

kneeling before you
my hot breath
on your thighs
craving your flesh
upon my lips
watch me
as my mouth opens
inviting you to find
the space between
my lines
close your eyes
and feel me
swirling my tongue
around your desire
let me 
stroke your fire
and call forth
the animal inside
and take you
again and again
your sweet honey
every drop


your fingers
trailing my skin
spiraling up my spine
the heat rises
rivulets of honey
rush towards my center
and I am breathless
one sweet drop
after another
and I am lost
I taste the lust
building on your lips
begging for more
and I surrender
my everything to you
you penetrate me
with tones so sweet
I cannot resist
you pushing 
deep into my walls
clawing my skin
teasing my nipples
keeping me 
along the edge
so hard 
until my flesh
is on fire
and the rush
of my warm desire
completely drowns you
leaving you and I

Stroking her chords

laying back
she let the winds
of summer
carry her away
the smell of rain
rushes across her nipples
as she hikes up
the fabric
of her cotton dress
legs spread open
as the warmth
kisses her petals
fingers teasing
stroking her chords
hips swaying in rhythm
back and forth
sweet bud
in full bloom
as the waves arrive
one after another
sending a raging fire
through her thighs

the storm
leaving her satisfied
and soaking wet