Inside his dreams

she comes to him
inside of a dream
late at night
when the world
is fast asleep
she comes for him
the gentle touch
of her hands
paralyzing him
exploring his flesh
the heat
runs through his blood
God her lips
keep him intoxicated
he drifts
in and out of reality
as she seduces him
her dark eyes
demanding more
finally at his peak
he fills
her hungry mouth
filling her full
her drink him all
until night falls


and the secrets
within these walls
haunt me
kissing my soul
tasting the pain inside
etched in broken glass
these bitter sweet dreams
taunt me
the nights whisper is heard
begging to be let in
away from the dreaded world
I close my eyes
and listen
silence fills me
and steals my breath
the clock never strikes
the same number twice
but the seconds that pass
are all the same
here I find my truth
and I close my eyes
and listen  


in this sphere
the here and the now
the space in between
what we think is real
time moves at a speed
that we can’t comprehend
there are no seconds
that turn to minutes
or hours
that turn to days
time is just
this empty vast space
it doesn’t really exist
as we know time now
it just fades
and nothing ever ends