Stroking her chords

laying back
she let the winds
of summer
carry her away
the smell of rain
rushes across her nipples
as she hikes up
the fabric
of her cotton dress
legs spread open
as the warmth
kisses her petals
fingers teasing
stroking her chords
hips swaying in rhythm
back and forth
sweet bud
in full bloom
as the waves arrive
one after another
sending a raging fire
through her thighs

the storm
leaving her satisfied
and soaking wet

Poetry in motion

bend me over
and admire the beauty
of my canvas
stunning and imperfect
the gentle curves
of my hips
down to the softness
of my rose petals
my body
poetry in motion
a work of art
for you to watch
open my legs wide
and let me hold you
between my thighs
taking you to depths
you’ve only dreamed of
watching as my flower blooms
and my perfume intoxicates you

Liquid love

just the thought of you
has me on my knees
starved for every drop of you
letting you feel the vibrations
hum between my lips
holding you there
on the edge
for as long as I can
stroking you firmly
my throat purring 
calling forth your climax
until the pleasure erupts 
and the electricity 
rushes across your skin
as your sweet honey
fills my mouth
and I am intoxicated
from your liquid love

Into your flesh

my fingers gently
caressing the parts of you
that no one has been 
changing the way your breath
fills your lungs
and the gentle sighs
leave your mouth
through the midnight hour
you create me
against your thighs
and write me
into your flesh
swallowing my silence
as your hands firmly
grip my throat
the heat rushes through
my blood
open me up
and devour me 
until the sweet release
of pleasure
consumes us both


touch me
and seek the secrets
I hold deep inside 
as your fingers 
slowly trace all the layers
of my curves
sending a heat rushing 
though my flesh
I want to feel you
pulsating through every vein
in my entirety
stroking the depths 
of my hunger
the scent of my lust
commanding you
to make my body scream
seducing me
again and again
feeling the pleasure drip
between my velvet thighs
until I am drenched
in a feeling
of euphoria


the gentle touch of you
sends a fire
through my veins
the way your fingers
trace my soft lines
one by one
until I lose my breath
the heat resting
upon my flesh
my hips feel like
they may burst
from my skin
at any moment
as my body
takes you completely 
swallowing you whole
and feeling you move
so slowly
so tenderly
inside the depths of me
until I am completely full
and I come untied