in this sphere
the here and the now
the space in between
what we think is real
time moves at a speed
that we can’t comprehend
there are no seconds
that turn to minutes
or hours
that turn to days
time is just
this empty vast space
it doesn’t really exist
as we know time now
it just fades
and nothing ever ends


the dark clouds
they linger
once the clock
strikes midnight
taking hold
of your once
pure soul
you try to escape
feeling its power
take complete control
you smile
the feeling so comforting
caressing so gently
your every thought
kissing so sweetly
your innocent scars
screams so loud
but no one to hear
alone and empty
the feeling soon fades
another sleepless night
greeted by
another dreadful day  


I count the minutes
as they tick by
ever so slowly
every single second
just like the last
the pain
washes over me
my heart
Is too numb to see
dark and cold
it gets harder to breathe
as the night takes over
the colors of sin
stain the room
painting my naked skin
I close my eyes
hoping to escape
but all I can see is
I’m painted red