Sweet release

I crave the taste
of your satiety
on your tongue
begging for you
to fill me
yes fill
my velvet wet cave
with every inch
of you
your fingers
bring out the animal
in my hips
taking me higher
and higher
bring me
to the edge
of holding on
and sweet release
leave me
clawing at my skin
feeling the waves
rush through me
over and over
leaving my body

Rainy Days

on rainy days
I want
to be watched
quietly in my mind
as I gently
caress my skin
oh so slowly
hands wandering
the sound
of soft moans
fill my mind
sweet little sighs
fall from my lips
I feel the heat
my body on fire
hips thrusting
hot flesh
arched back
eyes closed
gripped sheets
drenched fingers

Oh how I love
a rainy day

Don’t you?

The lover I crave

as the water
drips down
her every curve
sweet passion
cascades from
her hardened nipples
thoughts of him
invade her mind
his demanding touch
feeds her hungry flesh
her body
is on fire
needing him
wanting him
craving him
fingers penetrate
her aching heat
one – two – three
feeling her depths
feeling her warmth
her hips thrust
diving her fingers
deeper and deeper
soft moans
slip from her
perfect lips 
as she explodes
letting her lust
flow freely

until the thoughts
take over again

Liz & Tom (sex post)

Liz can’t wait to get home to a nice hot bubble bath, a good book and a few glasses of her favorite wine. The week has been one of the busiest at the law firm and she is ready to unwind. When she pulls into the driveway, she isn’t too surprised that Tom isn’t home yet. He’s been staying late at work, some because they are busy, but mostly because her and Tom have been going through a rough patch. Nothing major, but they’ve been married for almost 15 years and well, they just seem to be in a rut. They both work way too much, and don’t seem to be as sexually active like they used to be. Hell, some days it just seems they are going through the motions of everyday life and marriage. She barely makes it in the front door before kicking off her heels and untucking her blouse. Liz makes her way to the kitchen and pours herself a glass of white wine, standing there at the bar, she scrolls though the same old bullshit on her social media for a few minutes, the grabs her glass and makes her way up the stairs to run her bath water, grabbing a book off the shelf as she passes by. Nearing the top, she can hear some slight moaning coming from their bedroom and for a moment she wonders what the fuck is going on. Does he have someone in there? Oh, he fucking better not!

Quietly, she walks closer and peeks though the narrow opening of the door. She is startled to see Tom, lying there on the bed, wearing her black lace panties. He was stroking his cock as the fabric rubbed against his balls sending another moan into the otherwise quiet room. She stood there in shock for what seemed like minutes. Liz had never seen this side of Tom before and, and well, she liked it, she liked watching him. Liz was so turned on she could feel the wetness and ache start between her legs. God, she wanted to be fucked right there and then, fucked hard here on the floor. She wanted to be pleased in ways she hadn’t been for a long time now. She drank the last bit of wine before setting the glass down. Careful not to take her eyes off her husband, watching as his hand slowly stroked his length, as his breathing matched his rhythm. Liz hikes up her skirt, pulling her soaked panties to the side, and runs her fingers across her plush lips, gently but deliberately. Her fingers open herself up more, exposing her swollen clit. She can feel the heat as her fingers dive into her smooth pussy, slowly pushing them as far as they can go, before pulling them out. She watches him, her eyes never leave his cock, as she brings her fingers to her mouth for a taste of her sweetness. Her tongue licking the warm juices from them, before plunging them back into herself, fingering herself wildly now. She watches him squeeze his balls with his free hand as he pulls on his length harder and harder. His moaning is becoming more intense, as his cock spurts out his thick load, all over her panties and his stomach, stroking until he is completely empty. He drags a finger though his sticky mess and gives it a taste. Watching him taste his cum sends her almost over the edge, she can’t take anymore. She pushes open the door, and rushes over to him, stripping off her clothes along the way. She doesn’t even give him enough time to say anything, she climbs on the bed and licks the rest of his cum from his body. Climbing further up and lowering her soaked pussy to his face. Tom can feel the heat of her, the scent of her fills him, grabbing her hips as he slides his tongue in and out of his wife’s hole, quickly flicking her clit back and forth, sucking her lips. She holds onto the headboard as she rides his mouth. Hard and fast. Her moans fill the room as she is brought to her peak, Liz cums so hard she squirts her warm juices all over his face and mouth. She watches as his hungry mouth devours her and continues to lick her pulsating pussy until she’s exhausted and satisfied. She collapses next to him, panting heavily, still in shock, but wanting more.