The lover I crave

as the water
drips down
her every curve
sweet passion
cascades from
her hardened nipples
thoughts of him
invade her mind
his demanding touch
feeds her hungry flesh
her body
is on fire
needing him
wanting him
craving him
fingers penetrate
her aching heat
one – two – three
feeling her depths
feeling her warmth
her hips thrust
diving her fingers
deeper and deeper
soft moans
slip from her
perfect lips 
as she explodes
letting her lust
flow freely

until the thoughts
take over again

4 thoughts on “The lover I crave

  1. You wrote that moment beautifully! It should be embraced by every woman! And by the way, I’m here to show you the photos I was working on for Freedom of Expression challenge. I hope you remember that. Well, they’re here – And let me know how they are! Hope to hear from you soon! ❤

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    1. Thank you so very much for the wonderful comment. I definitely agree that it should be embraced by every woman!

      I do remember that yes!! Oh how wonderful! Those are awesome! I hope you win the challenge! Nice to see you around!

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      1. Thank you! Thank you for the wishes. I may not win the challenge because I click from an iPhone!… But my photos gets featured on the website!! 😍…. And by the way, I just wanted to ask if we can connect through email! There are people I find who seems the ones I belong to and are my community. I feel you’re one of them…. I don’t want to miss the opportunity for a new connection, however it’s completely up to you. Let me know if we can connect! ☺️

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