and the secrets
within these walls
haunt me
kissing my soul
tasting the pain inside
etched in broken glass
these bitter sweet dreams
taunt me
the nights whisper is heard
begging to be let in
away from the dreaded world
I close my eyes
and listen
silence fills me
and steals my breath
the clock never strikes
the same number twice
but the seconds that pass
are all the same
here I find my truth
and I close my eyes
and listen  

7 thoughts on “Etched

  1. This is really a top class poem! You do a really good work in poetry. Even though I feel that your ideal class is sensual and erotic poems, because you’re awesome in delivering those emotions in lines! And who knows, maybe I can pick one of your poems and make a song out of it! 😉
    I like making orgasmic music! I have collaborated before!..

    Liked by 1 person

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